Learn About Immunotherapy

Learn About Immunotherapy

Learn About Immunotherapy

Choices for Immunotherapy

Immunotherapy has been proven to be safe and effective in treating allergic rhinitis and asthma. Allergy injections have been given for over 100 years and the success rate is now 90% or more. The being said, all forms of immunotherapy can bring a risk of reaction. The information below discusses the ways our clinic administers immunotherapy and gives you more information in general. Allergy immunotherapy can make a life-changing difference in your symptoms and quality of life. Trying to avoid allergens can be almost impossible in many cases. Medications treat only certain symptoms and often lose their effectiveness. Immunotherapy treats the root cause of the problem and actually changes your immune system to prevent the “allergic cascade” from starting in the first place. It can essentially cure or at least significantly improve your nasal symptoms, and slow or deter the progression towards asthma or help reduce the severity in those that already have allergic asthma.

Factors to consider in making a decision:

Time. Both traveling to the office and time spent there over the course of treatment.

Expense. What amount insurance covers treatment and out of pocket expenses. Consider co-pays, deductibles, and percentage responsibility concerning insurance costs. Factor travel expense to the office and any time that may need to be take off from work as well.

Safety. Injections whether by cluster or traditional methods carry the risk of rare but serious reactions (hives, asthmas, throat closure, hypotension, shock, and very rarely death if symptoms not treated rapidly) but every precaution is taken to minimize these risks and medications and experienced staff are available for treatment in office if the need arises. Sublingual carries almost no risk of serious reaction (most reactions with this form are occasional mouth itching at initial doses and possible nasal or eye symptoms).

If you have any questions please ask our staff for further explanation.